the granite co. process

1. The best thing to start out with is a drawing. It doesn't have to be fancy or an exact measurement down to the quarter inch. Providing enough detail for us to figure out how much material your project requires is just perfect.

2. Next, bring your drawing to our beautiful showroom and share it with one of our sales associates who will happily provide you with an estimate. They will ask you questions about your project related to edge details, backsplash, sinks and faucets.

3. While they figure your estimate, you get to have some fun! Walking our lot means checking out the variety of countertop materials available to you. You just might be blown away by all the options available. We regularly inventory about 1,000 slabs of granite, and we feature around 900 colors of quartz inside our showroom.

4. Your salesperson will walk through your estimate with you and explain the cost of your project based on the granite, quartz, or other material you select. If you have any questions or require any assistance deciding which material you want, our sales associates are happy to work with you through that process.

5. When you are ready to move forward with your project, we require a 50% deposit. This holds your material and gets your project on the schedule for templating and installation. While time frames vary throughout the year, we do our very best to complete your project in a timely fashion.

6. Next comes templating.  We will measure your project with our laser and go over all the details.  Sinks and faucets MUST be on site for templating. The locations of these items are critical, and not having them on site may delay your project. If you purchased your sinks and faucets from The Granite Company, we’ll have it covered.

7. If you have selected a stone that has a significant pattern, you may come into our fabrication shop the morning after your template date to do a "layout." Your stone will be in our fabrication shop and your templates can be placed right on them to determine how the final product will look in your home.

**Please let your salesperson or the templator know that you plan to do this as our shop needs to be ready for you.

8. Your material is fabricated to your specifications, and we return to your home - usually one week after your template - to install your new countertops.  Your plumbing needs to be disconnected and old tops need to be removed before the install date.  The Granite Company can do the removal for you for a nominal charge.  Please discuss this option with your salesperson.

9. After installation, your plumbing needs to be reconnected. Please note that The Granite Company does not do any plumbing. We can recommend licensed plumbers to you.

10. It is time to enjoy your completed project for years to come!